Disassemble Instructions: IKEA HOPEN Bed Frame

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Getting ready to move? Here's the best way to disassemble your IKEA Hopen bed frame:


Tools Required:

1 x 100001 Alan Key (Purchase this tool from Swedish Furniture Parts)

1 x Philips (Star head) Screw Driver

1 x Hex Wrench / Adjustable Wrench (Back of Headboard)


Step 0: Remove Bedding and Slats

First Remove the mattress, bedding and slats. Roll up the slats and secure them for moving. 

Remove & bundle bed slats. (Recommend starting from the headboard and layer each slat to the middle of the bed. Then proceed to the footboard and repeat layering each slat till the middle of the bed. At the middle the slats should be neatly stacked. Use a rope to bundle up the slats. The slats come in a set of 2)


Step 1: Unscrew and Remove Crossbrace

Unscrew the crossbrace screws then remove crossbrace.

Unscrew small Crossbrace Screws (X 12) from the Mounting plate to the bedside rails. The Crossbrace may lead to the midbeam (depending which bed configuration/year was purchased from IKEA). Do not remove the Mounting Plate located on the headboard and footboard.

Remove crossbrace.


Step 2: Remove Mid-Beam 

Pop-Up the midbeam which is telescopic from both ends and push-in each side for ease of transporting.


Step 3: Unscrew Metric Screws from Headboard + Footboard

Start from any corner of the bed and unscrew Metric screw exposed on the back of the headboard and footboard. Use Alan key to unscrew.

(When unscrewing the Metric screw the nut sleeve on the inside of the side rail will be loose and possibly fall out on to the floor. A slight inner tilt the nut sleeve will fall out.


Step 4: Remove the Headboard

Carefully fist hammer the headboard from the side rail.

If you are alone use a shoe box/step stool or have a friend to hold up the side rail and hammer fist the headboard apart from the side rail.


Step 5: Remove the Footboard

Carefully fist hammer the footboard from the side rail, then lay both side-rails to the ground. The headboard is now fully apart.


Step 6: Unscrew the Headboard (Optional)

Assess your exit points to the moving vehicle. The headboard is able to disassemble further. The front of the headboard unscrew X 4 Metric Screw with Alan Key. The back of the headboard the Hex Nuts will come apart. The headboard will disassemble in two parts (top half & bottom half)



You will now have the Headboard (2 parts – top half/bottom half), Footboard , Left Side Rail, Right Side Rail, Mid-Beam, Crossbraces and Slats Apart and ease to reassemble.

*** If you notice loose Wood Dowels during your disassemble note where it belongs when you assemble***

Loose Hardware

1 x Alan Key

12 x Small Crossbrace Screws

4 x Metric Screws

4 x Nut Sleeve

4 x Metric Screw & 4 x Hex Nuts (Headboard separating apart)


And if you need replacement parts, see IKEA Hopen Bed Frame Replacement Parts

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