PAX Wardrobe - Top 10 Assembly Tips

Posted on 10 Jul 06:25

So you went on Pinterest or someone’s DIY website and saw the hundreds of pictures of variations for the Pax wardrobe unit. You need storage, functionality and something that fits in your apartment or room. We’ll leave the configuration up to you, but here are a few tips to help you when you’re staring at those oversized large brown boxes scratching your head and thinking…’what the hell did I get myself into’:

  1. Don’t try to be a hero - use the enclosed assembly instructions. If you lose them, they can be found here
  2. Instructions for add-on pieces can also be found at the link above.
  3. If you’re purchasing a single wardrobe configuration with doors -  the most important thing to know before you get started is which holes you will be using for the door hinges.
  4. The best way to know which holes to use for the Komplement hinges is by:
    1. Firstly, pop the Komplement door hinges into the door cut-out
    2. Then glide the Komplement Hinge Plate into the hinge itself – it will snap into place – NOTE: ensure the Komplement Hinge Plate is facing the correct direction – in other words, don’t snap it into place backwards. If you happen to install this piece backwards, you will know because there will be a gap separating the door from the unit.
  5. You will need to find a friend to help you from this point forward
  6. Have your friend hold up the door and ensure it lines up against the top and bottom of the frame of the unit
  7. Ensure all hinges are open (straight)
  8. With the hinges open, use a pencil to determine exactly which holes you need to reserve for the doors – NOTE: do this before you install any shelving or other ‘add-on’  pieces inside the unit
  9. Now you can determine the inside configuration. Start with the clothes rail - determine the height of the rail (i.e. what will you be hanging on it), then move to drawers and or shelves – remembering to keep in mind your pencil markings and not using those holes for anything else
  10. Attach doors and voila!